Urgently needed: 186 rocket-proof beds in underground safe area

Mayanei Hayeshua Mental Health Center

Mayanei Hayeshua launches emergency fundraising appeal to help complete two underground rocket-proof floors which will house 186 beds. Helping patients who cannot run to a shelter when the sirens sound. Saving lives is always our goal. Saving lives in wartime is even more critical. The staff of Mayanei Hayeshua are busy taking care of patients […]

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the 12th time!

This time, due to the Coronavirus, I was a little afraid of different restrictions and such, but more than ever I enjoyed it especially. The level of food has improved a lot and I feel like I’m at home. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the 12th time!… […]

In the Wake of the Meron Tragedy

The professional coverage of the mental health system at Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center is available to support those who were there, at the tragic disaster in Meron, and to provide assistance and guidance to help them cope and move forward.Immediately after the announcement of this terrible tragedy, the Mayanei Hayeshua mental health team mobilized to […]

Arab physician brings tallit-wrapped Torah scroll to Coronavirus Department

Arab physician at Mayanei's Coronavirus Department

Many people at Mayanei Hayeshua stopped and stared at the unexpected sight of Arab physician Dr Abed Zehalka, who has worked in the hopital’s ICU for several years, delivering a tallit-clad Torah scroll to the Cronavirus Department while wearing full protective garb. Ironically, the Coronavirus Department is the only location in Israel where patients can […]

Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus Department - Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center


Yong girl arrived in life-threatening condition and diagnosed with Diabetes


An eight-year-old girl arrived at Mayanei Hayeshua’s Pediatric Emergency Room in an extremely serious condition, displaying advanced symptoms of pediatric diabetes. The ER staff worked on her painstakingly until she was stable enough to move to the Isolation Ward of our Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. The child’s condition remained life-threatening but the dedicated professional staff […]

Toddler cured and discharged from PICU

Dr. Alexandra Gleizer

A two-year-old boy with a complicated medical history was rushed to Mayanei Hayeshua’s Pediatric Emergency Room suffering from high fever and acute stomach pains. Extensive examination discovered the toddler was suffering from an abscess in the abdomen. To avoid complex invasive surgery on such a young child, he was moved to our Pediatric Intensive Care […]