Urgently needed: 186 rocket-proof beds in underground safe area

Mayanei Hayeshua launches emergency fundraising appeal to help complete two underground rocket-proof floors which will house 186 beds.

Helping patients who cannot run to a shelter when the sirens sound.

Saving lives is always our goal. Saving lives in wartime is even more critical. The staff of Mayanei Hayeshua are busy taking care of patients who have been transferred from the south and north of Israel, as well as the routine caseload.  We must immediately complete the conversion of the underground car park into fully-functioning “safe areas” with priority for departments where patients cannot run to a shelter when sirens sound: NICU, Intensive Care, Dialysis, Operating Theatres and Maternity.

We urgently need your help

and we need it now.

Please find it in your heart to donate today

to our emergency fundraising campaign.

Mayanei Hayeshua on war footing 

Mayanei Hayeshua is operating on a war footing, following the Hamas pogrom which plunged the whole country into emergency mode. Despite the fact that dozens of our staff were called up to military duty, we were determined and rose to the challenge of handling a bigger workload with fewer staff. 

Our dedicated team of Social Workers are operating round the clock dealing with our own traumatized staff, and countless traumatized patients and children. 

At the request of Israel’s Health Ministry, many of our senior mental health professionals are even working extra shifts in other psychiatric facilities. 

Because of the national emergency, the planned completion of many parts of our ambitious expansion program has been temporarily put on hold. But the anticipated significant increase in our workload in the weeks and months ahead makes it even more urgent to add even more vital departments and life-saving services. 

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