Gastro Institute

The Gastro Institute, under the dedicated management of Prof. Zvi Fairman, a world- renowned expert in gastroenterology, is located on the second floor of the Medical Center. The staff is entrusted with providing personal and professional treatment to patients while adhering to all the applicable safety rules and preventing infections according to the procedures of the Ministry of Health. The Institute treats both ambulatory and hospitalized patients, and works in collaboration with the anesthesia department while consulting with experts from the various departments.

In cases where an examination requires anesthesia, it is always done under the close supervision of an anesthesiologist. The endoscopic equipment at the Gastro Institute undergoes thorough disinfection and cleaning between tests according to international criteria and subject to the procedures of the Ministry of Health. In addition, all the accompanying accessories are sterilized by the hospital's sterile supply team, which is controlled by the infection prevention department. Today, the institute is located in a small, designated area, but it is used with optimal effectiveness.

There are plans to move the Institute to a new location, while significantly expanding its area and increasing the patient capacity.

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