Groundbreaking gynecological procedures at Mayanei Hayeshua

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In a number of recent cases, the expert team of Gynecologists at Mayanei Hayeshua, where the sanctity of life is a core principle, carried out groundbreaking life-saving medical procedures on patients without compromising their capacity to conceive and give birth.

Since the presence of a malignant tumour in the cervix presents a double challenge for the medical team – the urgent need to safely remove the life-threatening tumour, and the added complication that the treatment itself could potentially affect the patient’s fertility – this is an issue of critical importance both for women who have already had children and for those who have yet to conceive.

In recent cases at Mayanei Hayeshua, a 34-year-old mother of four and a 21-year-old woman who had never previously given birth, were both separately diagnosed with cervical cancer, and were informed by senior physicians in another leading hospital that the only choice was a combination of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Alarmed that this course of action would harm their ability to have children, they requested referrals to Mayanei Hayeshua to explore alternative options. Professor Uzi Beller, senior specialist in gynecology-oncology at Mayanei Hayeshua, who pioneered here in Israel radical resection of a tumour-affected cervix, successfully performed this groundbreaking surgical procedure on both patients, shortly after admitting them. And they were discharged within 24 hours!


According to Professor Beller, former editor-in-chief of the prestigious International Journal of Gynecological Cancer, this procedure is the best guarantee of preserving women patients’ fertility. Professor Beller is particularly passionate when describing his personal and professional satisfaction from this specific form of surgery. “Every success is cause for celebration and an exciting partnership in bringing new life into the world.”


In another not unrelated case, a young girl still in elementary school, visited the Mayanei Hayeshua’s emergency room complaining of very sharp pains in her lower abdomen.  After closely scrutinizing the ultrasound examination, the highly efficient emergency room staff immediately and correctly diagnosed the symptoms to be the result of an ovarian cyst, which if not treated instantly, can stop the blood supply reaching the dangerously rotated fallopian tubes. Within minutes, Dr Tamir Yaniv, head of Mayanei Hayeshua’s Gynecology Day Surgery Unit, and her team performed the necessary intra-abdominal surgery, releasing the rotated tubes, saving the ovary – thus preventing future harm to fertility – and providing immediate relief to the young patient, who was allowed home after less than 24 hours.


Professor Ariel Mani, Director of Mayanei Hayeshua’s popular Gyn/Obs Wing commented: “These are further examples of the recent innovative development of our Women’s Department here at Mayanei Hayeshua, which offers advanced medical response to every stage of a woman’s life cycle.”

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