In the Wake of the Meron Tragedy

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The professional coverage of the mental health system at Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center is available to support those who were there, at the tragic disaster in Meron, and to provide assistance and guidance to help them cope and move forward.
Immediately after the announcement of this terrible tragedy, the Mayanei Hayeshua mental health team mobilized to support families of the victims, both by providing guidance to parents and families and by accompanying them during and after the funerals of their loved ones.
Support groups have been opened under the guidance of social workers and psychologists in Bnei Brak, Ramat Gan, Elad and Petah Tikva. Telephone support is also being provided for all age groups by skilled staff, who include social workers, therapists, experienced psychologists and psychiatrists.
The management of the Medical Center has published personal telephone numbers of therapists from various fields of expertise in order to provide emergency mental health support for the many individuals who have requested it.
The vast experience amassed by our team in professional care over many years in clinics and inpatient wards, its familiarity with the requirements of the ultra-Orthodox public, their sensitivities and unique needs – have established the Mayanei Hayeshua Help Desk as the appropriate immediate answer for children and adults who have been exposed to the terrible scenes in Meron and the hardships of the loss of their loved ones.
The Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center anticipates in the coming months, it will continue to provide a response to the requests from Talmud Torah principals, educators and rabbis.
Mayanei Hayeshua is calling upon parents and educators to ensure that the mental resilience of both adults and children is suitably cared for. It is vital to strengthen and overcome this terrible tragedy together, and our dedicated and skilled staff, are available for that purpose.
The Mayanei Hayeshua Hotline can be reached on: 073-339-8031

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