Innovative equipment is saving lives in Gynecologic Oncology Unit

Innovative equipment is saving lives in Gynecologic Oncology Unit

The innovative and advanced equipment that Ma’ayanei Hayeshua Medical Center has introduced in its Gynecologic Oncology Unit is facilitating early diagnosis and saving lives.

The head of the unit is Dr. Gabi Haran, who specializes in diagnosing and treating cancers that are located on a woman’s reproductive organs – condyloma, precancerous and cancerous cysts and growths. Dr Haran is considered one of Israel’s foremost experts in radical gynecologic oncology surgery. Before opening the hospital’s gynecologic oncology unit, he worked both in Israel and overseas, where he acquired considerable expertise, working alongside some of the most senior specialists in the field.

Dr Haran’s gynecologic oncology unit treats female patients with cancerous gynecological illnesses, using innovative equipment for colonoscopies. The unit provides a surgical, therapeutic and personal answer to the needs of the patients and their families, as well as treating patients who have suspicious findings that require further investigation.
One of the major benefits of the gynecologic oncology unit is that patient throughput is quicker, leading to reduced waiting times.

Dr. Haran: “I cannot emphasize how critically important it is that our female patients are examined in a timely manner. All our experience proves that the earlier we can see patients, the higher the chance that we can successfully treat them. The advanced and innovative means at our disposal in our unit means that we can drastically shorten waiting times. There can be no doubt that early discovery is potentially life-saving.”

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