Family Therapy Unit

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Some of the children treated in Mental Health Center, have another sibling who needs treatment, and sometimes even a few.
We figured out that in some of the families parental functioning is impaired either because of the parents’ difficult childhood and lack of proper modeling, or because one of the parents suffers from a mental illness. Sometimes the parents’ functioning is impaired because of the children’s emotional or behavioral problems. Either way, this might cause some or all of their children to suffer from Metal problems, and therefore the whole family has to undergo a family therapy program.
The Family Therapy Unit (‘The Green House’), as the center is called, is a unique model that as far as we know does not exist anywhere else in the country and was created to service the families in a true-to-life, realistic environment. It offers the families all the treatments that may help them to recover and lead a normal life.
Creating the Center from scratch in all areas – professional, functional, and technical – and building the unique work model took a number of years. Today, the Center operates inside the Marbeh Daat Mental Health Center. It is designed to look like a beautifully furnished apartment with a living room, kitchen, dining area, and a few therapy rooms that look like children’s bedrooms, filled with colorful and exciting toys. The families visit The Green House a few times a week.
Our professional team tailors the treatment plan for each family’s needs on a personal and targeted level. The Center’s goal is to create a respectful, empowering atmosphere for the families treated here, and the work is with full collaboration between the parents and the professional team.

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