Eating Disorders Unit

Eating Disorders Unit

The Eating Disorders Unit is a unique ward that treats girls with a variety of
eating disorders including the most severe cases, in full compliance with their religious lifestyle and with the emphasis on the patient's rehabilitation and integration into the family and community. Some of the girls will need to be fully hospitalized, while others come on a day patient basis. Girls who have progressed with their treatment will come infrequently to monitor and maintain progress and thus prevent relapse.

For each patient admitted to the unit, a personal work plan is established
that is adapted to her needs and the pace of her progress, where the
treatment team consists of psychologists, psychiatrists, occupational
therapists, various emotional therapists, nurses, attorneys and also a team of schoolteachers. The unit is headed by Prof. Daniel Stein, director of the
Eating Disorders Unit, and the unit’s senior staff includes clinical consultant Esti Herman, doctors Dr. Orna Atias and Dr. Zofia Laufer, senior nurse Merav Shimoni and the dietitian Moriah Uziel.

The team at Mayanei Hayeshua has undergone intensive training in the field
of anorexia and eating disorders and encourages multidisciplinary
collaborative work, so that the treatment is synchronized and passes under a plethora of scrutinizing eyes in order to obtain the best possible result and to bring about as complete a healing as possible.

The existing action plan is proving itself to be the most effective in building a
unified coalition against this disease and preventing divisions and resistance
on the part of the patients with the objective being to integrate the girl into
the family, community, her studies and society in general.

Pictures of the various departments

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