Music Room

Music Room

In February 2020, Canadian Friends of Mayanei Hayeshua’s Board Chair, David WM Brown together with his wife Helen, visited Mayanei Hayeshua hospital and dedicated a music room in honour of their parents Shirley z”l & Al. G. Brown and Ros and Sam Segal z”l in the Mental Health Centre.
The Music Therapy Suite in Mayanei Hayeshua’s Mental Health Center is a magical island of silence within the facility. In this room we use the healing power of music and during the weekly group session our patients reconnect with themselves, and with music.

The Suite includes multiple music instruments, some well-known but most are unique, and the patients use them to speak out their inner voice. The session is held in various ways according to the group’s mindset, and includes singing, listening to recorded music, creating new music and verbal processing of ideas raised during Therapy.

Through these soft sounds, every patient is able to connect to the deepest and most hidden places in themselves, to get to know, understand and express themselves without fearing, and thereby strengthen and heal themselves in the process.

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