Mercaz Shalom – Young Adult Center

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In loving memory of Anna (Chana Bat Alter) Rosenberg ע”ה

April 2021, Iyar 5781

The yartzeit of my wife Anna Rosenberg A”H (חנה בת אלתר) is approaching. Our family goal is to finish a project that Anna started before she was diagnosed. The project is called Mercaz Shalom – a young adult center for mental healing, located in the campus of Mayanei Hayeshua Hospital in Bnei Brak, Israel. Helping others was one of her amazing traits.

This great program is now being completed in her memory. 

I am asking all those that knew Anna to help our family complete this amazing project. Iy”h with everyone’s help her dream will become a reality.

Chaim Rosenberg

Help us care for our own emotionally damaged adolescents scarred by divorce and other challenges.

Divorce Sensitivity Amidst the Orthodox

Once considered a problem restricted to secular societies, divorce is now quite prevalent within the Orthodox community. Children, especially adolescents/young teens, caught up in divorce and other challenges, often suffer mental health consequences such as distress, anger, anxiety, disbelief, disruptive behavior, depression. Director of Mayanei Hayeshua’s Mental Health Center, Professor Rael Strous states, ‘We must eradicate the mental health stigma that still plagues religious families. Divorce is one of the main areas where the stigma is strongest.”

Urgently Needed Mercaz Shalom – A Dedicated Young Adults Center

To treat and reduce mental health challenges facing Orthodox adolescents, Mayanei Hayeshua is urgently prioritizing the opening of Mercaz Shalom

  • An attractive home-like environment with therapy treatments, workshops and seminars modeled after the highly-successful Family Therapy and Eating Disorders Facilities.
  • Staffed with highly qualified adolescent/teen psychologists, social workers, specialty therapists all of whom will work toward healing emotionally damaged young adults so that they may return to live productive, happy lives in the Orthodox way.
  • Future plans include establishing similar centers in Communities around the world

Mayanei Hayeshua Committed to World-Class Loving Care and Dignity of Life

A 320-bed independent community hospital, it serves the greater Petach Tikva, Bnei Brak and Ramat Gan regions. The hospital’s Mental Health Center was recently designated by Israel’s Health Ministry as the model for every mental health facility in Israel.


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