Mayanei Hayeshua Battles Corona

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On February 21st 2020, the first cases of the novel coronavirus were recorded in Israel. Since the virus reached its shores, Israel has had one of the fastest response times in the world, ‘flattening the curve’ in almost record-breaking time. Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Centre was one of the first hospitals in Israel to establish a Coronavirus Unit. Overnight, one of the car parks was converted into a 22 station field hospital to ensure the safety of staff and patients entering the campus. The original unit contained 18 beds but due to the high demand, a second 12 bedded unit was added. The outcomes were outstanding with 85% complete recovery of all ventilated patients. Extraordinary safety measures were implemented and strictly adhered resulting in zero cross-contamination rate. Mayanei Hayeshua accounts for only 1.9% of hospital beds in Israel yet has treated 11% of all Coronavirus patients.

But who or what is Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Centre? In 1990, Rabbi Dr. Moshe Rothschild z”l came from Switzerland to Bnei Brak in Israel with the vision of a local hospital that combined high-level innovative medicine with a total commitment to halacha. Step by step, his vision has become a reality, which means that today, 30 years later, Mayanei Hayeshua is a growing 320 bed independent community hospital with 18 departments and 32 outpatient clinics and institutes. The hospital accepts patients regardless of race, religion or colour. Its unique mission statement is to uphold the sanctity of life while preserving human dignity, supporting each person in any medical situation, and providing professional and devoted care. The motto of the hospital, “Professionals with Heart and Soul”, corroborates this approach to patient care.

From its inception, Dr. Moshe Rothschild ensured that the hospital procured the most technologically advanced diagnostic and operational medical equipment, so that patients would have access to the best that medicine has to offer. In recent years, this has included the introduction of a variety of minimally invasive surgical techniques. All medical personnel are encouraged to attend conferences and advance their training to ensure that Mayanei Hayeshua is providing most effective care.

While Dr. Rothschild worked tirelessly to bring the foremost specialists and most up-to-date medicine to the hospital for physical ailments, he also understood that medical care should be extended to emotional and mental wellbeing which is often left untreated. The establishment of Mayanei Hayeshua’s Mental Health Wing has been revolutionary because it is the first culturally sensitive mental health unit in the world. In 2016, the unit was opened and includes an emergency room, lecture theatre, treatment courtyard, clinics for children, youth and adults, day hospitalization, a family therapy unit and in-patient beds on separate floors for men, women and children including an Eating Disorders Department with a specialist anorexia ward. Mayanei Hayeshua’s approach to mental health reflects the insightful leadership who are receptive to the needs of all members of the community.

Despite the incredible service that Mayanei Hayeshua provides for up to 250,000 people each year, it does not receive any financial support or aid from the Government of Israel. The Hospital prides itself in maintaining a balanced budget in all operational costs. All the fundraising is therefore focused on continued growth and development, as well as continuous upgrading of equipment and renovating existing departments. This means that to continue to serve the community in this tremendous capacity, the hospital relies on the generous support from individuals all over the world.
The legacy of Dr. Moshe Rothschild z’l, is in the experience of every patient in Mayanei Hayeshua. The sensitivity with which all the medical professionals approach every case, the medical knowledge, professionalism, technological support and facilities combine to ensure that patients receive the highest level of holistic medicine. Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Centre thrives because our staff are committed to the success of the institution.
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We are dedicated to world-class medicine, innovative treatment interventions, and the dignity of life. But we are so much more than that. As all patients in Mayanei Hayeshua will tell you; as all members of the hospital staff will demonstrate; and as all visitors to the hospital will experience; Mayanei Hayeshua is infused with genuine, loving care. As an independent community hospital, Mayanei Hayeshua relies almost entirely on the support of our generous donors.

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