Family Therapy Unit

In some families, parental functioning is impaired as the result of a problematic childhood, mental illness, emotional problems, or even behavioral problems of the children. One way or another, parental instability may affect the children in the family causing them to develop serious mental and emotional problems.

The psychotherapist Nachami Samuel, who has worked for many years in
mental health clinics for children, explains that the unit was established as a result of conclusions drawn from the study of cases that came under her
care: When you provide care for a child and after a while his brother is also referred to you, and then, over time, a third sibling participates, you realize that there is a deep-rooted problem in the family that requires extensive and focused treatment.

This is precisely why we established the Family Therapy Unit – a unique model for comprehensive care for the entire family that, as far as we know, does not exist anywhere else in Israel. The unit is designed as a beautifully furnished residential apartment that includes a living room, kitchen, dining area and therapy rooms designed as a children's room and a study. The rooms are tastefully furnished and with appropriate equipment and toys, household items, kitchen utensils and a pantry and fridge that are always fully stocked. The therapy is conducted in an experiential and enjoyable manner and the success rates are high and extremely impressive.

Currently, 24 families are treated in the family care unit, with the entire
family coming to the unit so that all members can receive therapy as
required. Our professional team adapts the therapeutic plan to the needs of
the family in a personal and targeted manner and the work is done in full
cooperation between the team and the parents.

Pictures of the various departments

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