Agudat Hayedidim Event

Members of Agudat Hayedidim gathered at Mayanei Hayeshua on May 15th in order to reignite their commitment and devotion to the unique community hospital. The gathering included senior members, as well as new members, traveling from all over the country, interested in hearing and learning more about the hospital, particularly regarding its prestigious research institute.
The event began with introductions. The representative of the Resource Development Department, Shira Dreifuss, introduced herself which followed with introductions from each of the attending members.
The CEO of the hospital, Shlomo Rothschild, addressed the attending members about the major developments that took place within the last few years, particularly the establishment of the unique research institute that would allow for further studies and research that will benefit both patients at the hospital, as well as many other individuals around the country and even around the world.
Dr. Dorit Tekes-Manova, the hospital’s medical director, presented a detailed presentation about the hospital’s uniqueness and its strategic goals.
Finally, the head of the new research institute, Dr. Or Friedman, elaborated on the initial topics on which the research institute is focusing on – Women’s and Mental Health.

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