Dedication of Post-Discharge Psychiatric Treatment Unit

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In the presence of Mr Dovid Muller, representing the Montreal-based Foundation, the Donald Berman Foundation Post-discharge Psychiatric Treatment Unit was officially dedicated at a ceremony held in the Unit, inside Mayanei Hayeshua’s impressive Mental Health Centre.

Professor Rael Strous, director of the 6-storey Mental Health Centre, noted that as a direct result of the phenomenal and dedicated work being carried out in this very unique treatment centre, the official governmental statistics show that while the average national rate of “return hospitalisation” within 30 days varies between 17% and 22%, at Mayanei Hayeshua it is an astonishing 1.5%!

Senior Social Worker Shulamit Stern who runs this Unit explained that the moment a patient is accepted in any of the departments, the rehabilitation process begins. An intense programme of treatments and therapies, combined with constant contact with the patient’s family, GP, local religious and community leaders, and, most importantly, regular follow up treatment and sessions in the Post-discharge Treatment Centre, all result in each and every individual patient being given the maximum tools to effectively return to society.

The hospital’s C.E.O. Shlomo Rothschild, noted that it was through a chance encounter in Bnei Berak with the late Dr Moshe Rothschild more than 20 years ago, that Mr Dovid Muller decided to strongly recommend to the Donald Berman Foundation to support Mayanei Hayeshua and as a result, the very first psychiatric outpatient clinic in the original old caravan was dedicated by the Donald Berman Foundation.

Mr Muller thanked Chaim Fachler, Mayanei Hayeshua’s International Director, for the dedicated and personal attention he and his department carry out to facilitate the continued impressive development of Mayanei Hayeshua, and then invited Chaim to Montreal where he and Mrs Muller would do their best to assist the hospital in its continued endeavours.

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