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We’re the brand new local charitable arm of Mayanei Hayeshua. Why did we, Anglos living in Israel, choose to support Mayanei Hayeshua when there are so many well- known hospitals to choose from?

The answer is simple. It’s like no other hospital in Israel. Mayanei Hayeshua is the only Community Hospital which provides the highest level of world class medicine and innovative treatment interventions. And, unlike any other hospital whether here in Israel or throughout the world – Everything that happens at Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center Is Infused with Loving Care and An Unwavering Commitment to the Dignity of Life.

The Mission of our local Chapter is to make the Anglos living in Israel completely familiar with and truly excited about this very unique medical entity in Israel.

Of course we want your financial support. As an independent community hospital, Mayanei Hayeshua relies greatly on the support of big-hearted, generous donors. But we want more than that. Much more.We want to tell you all about the extraordinary things that go on at Mayanei Hayeshua so you too will want to become part of our Team.

Please – take the Virtual Tour of this amazing place by clicking the button below.


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