Adolescent Hospitalization Wards

The adolescents’ hospitalization system comprises two hospitalization wards that are completely separate for boys and girls. Each room contains between 3 and 4 hospital beds, with each patient having a private closet and bedside table with drawers for personal use, as well as a writing desk and shelves. In the center of each ward is a spacious lobby that includes comfortable seating areas and central tables for meals.

The wards contain occupational therapy rooms, art therapy, classrooms,
recreation areas, etc., and are also equipped with computers, books, and
board games for the wellbeing of the patients.

All first-time visitors are surprised upon entering the wards. Compared to the appearance of a standard ward in a psychiatric hospital, the adolescent
inpatient wards of Mayanei Hayeshua are colorful and cheerful without any
resemblance or likeness to other inpatient wards. The lobby is decorated in a
design that is pleasing to the eye and the rooms have been designed with
youth in mind, and in the vast majority of cases many of these rooms will be
more pleasing than the ones waiting for the patients when they go home.
Treatment in the wards is provided by a diverse professional team that
includes doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, nursing staff, social services
professionals, occupational and art therapists, dietitians, and so forth, in
addition to a regular study framework under the auspices of the Ministry of

Upon admission to the hospital, each patient is assigned a treatment
coordinator whose role it is to meet with the patient and coordinate and
facilitate the variety of treatments provided by the various staff members,
maintain ongoing contact with parents and caregivers, and provide
information about the treatment process. The coordinator will also be the
point of contact for any question or in the event of patient distress. The
treatment coordinator represents multi-professional teamwork and will also
refer the patient to additional therapists as required.

Pictures of the various departments

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