Canadian Friends of Mayanei Hayeshua

Established in 2020, Canadian Friends of Mayanei Hayeshua is the local chapter and charitable arm of Israel’s Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Centre where innovative and world class healthcare, services, interventions and treatment, health are delivered with unwavering dignity and exceptional care.

With a focus on Women’s and Mental health and wellness, our chapter’s mission and mandate is to develop and promote awareness of, involvement in and philanthropic support on behalf of Mayanei Hayeshua and the patients in their care.

Your one gift can save a life and our chapter is here to help you realize and steward your connection to and charitable wishes on behalf of Mayanei Hayeshua.

Canadian Friends of MHMC| 14 Brownridge Drive

Vaughan Ontario L4J 7X6 | Aviva Malka: [email protected] | + 416-300-4125

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