Inauguration of Gifts Room at Mayanei Hayeshua

After extensive preparations, a dedicated gifts room was inaugurated in a festive ceremony in the pediatric ward of the Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center. The new room, donated by “Yair’s Gift House” headed by Meirav Hollander, was established with the aim of alleviating the anxiety and pain that form part of hospitalization, especially when it comes […]

A girl born with the innovative “friendly caesarean” surgery and participates

Revital Isaiah Thank you letter

The thrill of a lifetime ✨ A girl born with the innovative “friendly caesarean” surgery and participates:Revital Isaiah (38, from Rishon LeTzion) gave birth this week at the medical center and tells: “I was prepared for an elective c-section and we decided to go to Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center with Dr. Oz Gabish.  From the […]

Grand opening of new advanced lung clinic

Lung clinic

The opening ceremony was held recently at Mayanei Hayeshua to mark the significant upgrading of our Pulmonary Unit headed by Dr Tibi Shulimzon, with the introduction of a new and advanced apparatus for performing a full pulmonary function examination, for both adults and children, one of the few of its kind in Israel. This cutting […]