Maternity Ward A

In general, Maternity Ward A contains women have been hospitalized because they require close medical supervision, whether after a Caesarean section or for any other reason, together with women following a premature birth or because of a newborn who is hospitalized prematurely. Recently the department was completely renovated into a beautiful magnificent department which includes 18 luxurious hospital rooms and a sophisticated neonatal unit with up to 50 cribs, a luxurious, designer dining room, a convivial nursing room for those experiencing extended hospitalization and also a huge spacious balcony for the benefit of mothers and visiting family members, in addition to an adjacent but separate preterm ward that can treat up to 28 newborns and premature babies at the same time. The department is managed by Prof. Barry Kaplan, who has many years of experience in obstetrics and gynecology.

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