After extensive preparations, a dedicated gifts room was inaugurated in a festive ceremony in the pediatric ward of the Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center. The new room, donated by “Yair’s Gift House” headed by Meirav Hollander, was established with the aim of alleviating the anxiety and pain that form part of hospitalization, especially when it comes to children and adolescents whose every departure from the norm, seriously disturbs their routine.

The ceremony was organized by the Public Relations Department, and compered by Rachel Fastag, a proud member of Mayanei Hayeshua Ladies’ Group. Rachel paid tribute to Meirav for the wonderful initiative, combining her words with the realities of the moment, and referencing this week’s Torah portion. The Hospital’s CEO, Shlomo Rothschild, expressed sincere thanks on behalf of the hospitalized children and noted that Meirav has become an active partner in the Hospital’s dedicated endeavors. Prof. Somekh, Director of the Pediatrics Wing, noted the need to provide emotional support in addition to physical treatment, to enhance the full and speedy recovery of all patients. In an emotional ceremony, he also introduced his four-year-old grandson who came on his own initiative to donate gifts he received for his birthday.

Chaim Fachler, International Director of Mayanei Hayeshua’s Department of Resource Development, expressed his deep appreciation to Meirav for the speed they were able to work together, from their initial meeting at the charity’s main center in Petach Tikva, to bringing this project to fruition.

Meirav gave an emotional speech about her son Yair, whose very existence provides a source of light and comfort, and the activity named for him, brings joy to many hearts all over the country. She introduced Lynn, a young lady who on her own initiative, voluntarily helps organize the donations of the gifts and their distribution among the many gift rooms the organization has established. Mrs. Yifat Ziv moved everyone to tears when she read an emotional letter in memory of her late son Netanel, who had been treated at Mayanei Hayeshua, and in whose name the gift room was also dedicated.

Yonatan, a young boy hospitalized in the ward, presented Meirav with an impressive wooden signet bearing the logo of Yair’s Gift House, a special memento for a special organization that leaves its mark everywhere. Dr. Dorit Tekes-Manova, the Hospital’s Medical Director, presented a fragrant bouquet with a certificate of appreciation. The excited children in the Pediatric Department who had eagerly awaited the opening of the room, prepared – with the help of their dedicated teachers – a dedicated board with warm letters of appreciation to the lovely Hollander family, and of course to Yair – the dear child who illuminates the world in his own special way.

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