Mental Health

We take mental health as a top priority

Based on a conviction that mental illness must be treated like all other medical conditions, the Mental Health Center, headed by internationally renowned psychiatrist Professor Rael Strous, offers a range of treatments that cover every aspect of human functioning. 

International Research Institute

The research institute supports ground-breaking clinical research in the forefront of medical ethics, Halacha, and the treatment, recovery, cure and prevention of mental disorders in the community.

Operating Theater Wing

Two brand new operating rooms were recently inaugurated on top of the four existing ones. Additionally, a large and impressive Post-Op Day Hospitalization department was established. The Jacob and Lea Friedman Operating Wing was built in response to the extensive demand for expanding the operating services at the hospital to answer the rising need.

A very special Gift Room

A wonderful addition to Mayanei Hayeshua, “Yair’s Gift Room” – was donated by “Yair’s Gift House” – a non-profit organization founded by Meirav Holander – which provides gifts and toys for hospitalized children to ‘cheer up the kids and bring a smile to their faces’.