When you donate to Mayanei Hayeshua

It has a powerful effect!

Your donation will be used immediately in order for MHMC to fulfil their obligation to the patient. Our mantra is ‘To uphold the sanctity of life while preserving human dignity, supporting each person in any medical situation, and providing professional and devoted care’. Your donation will help fulfil this pledge. Please be a part of this pledge.

Donation via Credit Card

To donate to American Friends of Mayanei Hayeshua, a non-profit hospital providing professional medical treatment to over 250,000 people per year, please press below

Bank transfer account information

Account number: 2471116901
Account name: American Friends Bnei Brak Hospital Special account
Bank name: Chase
Bank branch number: 247
Bank address: 1700 Madison Ave Lakewood NJ 08701
Routing number: 021000021

Checks payable to

American Friends of Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center

(Registered charity number 11-2831454)
Rabbi Shmuel Lefkowitz
26A Carnation Drive
Lakewood, NJ 08701, USA

Email address: [email protected]

Thank you for supporting us!

A receipt and thank you letter will be sent to you by mail.

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